Terms and Conditions

By joining Advertise Free you must agree to the following

* Members agree to include the HTML code provided by Advertise Free for displaying banner ads on their web site. This code may be inserted in one or more pages within the website. No part of this code may be modified without the written consent of Advertise Free. * A banner that appears on your site at any time may be a banner for another member, for a sponsor, or for Advertise Free. Members may, however, filter their sites to accept banners of certain ratings only, ie, for sites that do not wish to display banners linking to matured oriented sites may do so. Advertise Free reserves the right to not accept any advertisement from entities Advertise Free determine to be inappropriate. For instance, we do not advertise for sites that are racist or discrimatory. * Advertise Free reserves the right to discontinue membership to sites that are deemed to be inappropriate. For example, sites that promote spamming, racism, discrimination, or sites that are illegal such as warez sites, etc. * A member may cancel their participation in Advertise Free by notifying Advertise Free in writing or by sending e-mail to support@Advertise Free. * All Advertise Free banners must be placed on a page such that the the banner is easily visible. * A member may not artificially inflate traffic counts to his/her site using any device, program, robot or other means. A banner cannot be placed on a page which reloads or refreshes automatically. Banners, loaded via the Advertise Free HTML may not be placed in newsgroups, e-mail, chatrooms, or guestbooks, unless permission is granted from Advertise Free. * Anyone caught artificially inflating traffic counts will have the offending account terminated immediately. If a member is part of the paid-publisher, the payments will be on hold until further investigation. * A member may not place the html tag on pages that are inaccessible. * Advertise Free also reserves the right to refuse to continue membership to any web site in the Advertise Free network that contains hate groups, illegal activities, is offensive or for any other reason. * Advertise Free retains all rights to the Advertise Free name, logo, software, databases, reports, web site, and information. No part of the Advertise Free website may be re-produced, stored, or distributed without the written consent of Advertise Free. * The information members provide to Advertise Free will be kept confidential and will not be distributed to any outside agency. * Advertise Free, its administrators, partners and sponsors cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of information that may occur from the use of Advertise Free' services. * Members agree to use Advertise Free at their own risk. * Advertise Free makes every effort to verify and maintain a high standard of quality for our services, but does not make any guarantees regarding the dependability, or accuracy of services. * Advertise Free will attempt to correct inconsistencies in credits due any member, if member offers some proof of inconsistency. * Advertise Free reserves the right to modify, or change these Terms and Conditions as it deems necessary. It is the member's responsibility to keep current with changes in the Terms and Conditions, since changes are effective for all members, regardless of when member joined.