What Is A Traffic Exchange Website - Advertise Free




Advertise Free is an advertising exchange website where to receive free advertising you can place a code on your website and display other image banner advertisements. You will receive double the amount of visitors you provide us, for every view of an advertisement from your website you will receive 2 views back. To start you off we will credit you 500 views on registration!. To create a banner advertisement campaign click Add New Campaign  on the left menu.

Here you can fill in your website details.

Campaign Name = The Name Of Your Website / Project

Destination URL = Your Website Address   example. https://www.advertisefree.co.uk

Categories = These Are Categories That Most Suit Your Website. example. If your website is selling products you will most likely want to select SHOPPING. You can select more than one category

Exchange Categories = These Are The Categories Of Websites That Will Appear On Your Website. The more you select the more credits your likely to earn

Banner Image = This Is The Advertisement Image For Your Website   example .

Banner Size = This Is Where You Select The Size Of Your Image Advertisement

Once You've Filled In The Page Click Start Campaign Then Within A Few Hours Your Ad Should Be Accepted!. For your website to be accepted you must place our banner code on your website and display other users advertisements on a rotation.

If you do not wish to display other users advertisments on your website you can buy 15,000 banner image views ( Impressions ) for only £5.00 https://advertisefree.co.uk/buy_more.php


Another way to Advertise Free is to visit our Surf Page by clicking Start Surfing on the left panel under Start Advertising. Once on the Surf Page you will see a random website for you to view.

After a short amount of time a button will appear saying Claim 1 Surf Credit! click this and the page will refresh showing you another website to view. You will have been credited with a Surf Credit. A Surf Credit = One Real Visitor to your website. Each time someone visits your website a credit gets taken from your account. The more you surf the more credits you will earn not only that we randomly give our users prize bonuses such as Surf Credits, Credits and Cash Prizes up to £20.00!. If surfing and you have won a bonus you will see text like this example, Congratulations you have won £5! Click to claim! once clicked your prize will be credited to your account. Cash prizes credited to your account can be withdrawn via Skrill instantly just type your email address in and your funds will be processed to your Skrill account. Its your responsibility to check your account regularly.

Your Surf Page URL is the URL you registered with. You can view or change this by clicking Edit Profile on the left under Advertiser Menu and you will also see under your website URL box your URL Surf Page Status. It should say Approved For The Surf Page!.

Click Check Your Surf URL to see if your website works correctly on the surf page.

If you want 1250 Worldwide Visitors to your website without clicking on the surf page for hours you can purchase surf credits from £5.00! 


Our Surf Page is mostly focused on your website we do not offer games, have distracting or have flashy icons to collect. We want the main focus to be on your website. Our users are more likely to pay attention to your website without these distractions and are more likely to become potential customers of yours.


Paid Ads:

For only £4.00 you can create a Text AD which appears on the Surf Page. Its an affordable way of getting your website noticed. We are offering your 15,000 Text AD views ( Impressions ). Our Text AD is LARGE, Bold and placed to get our users attention. It stands out and links to your profile URL.




For £5.00 you can have your logo featured on our Main Page and the Main Account Page for 30 days until every one of our members has visited it. We also offer 500 credits to each user who visit your website.

To Purchase This More Details Are In The Account Area